We are an Assembly of God church.

We believe in the God of the Bible and have
embraced the salvation provided through His Son,
Jesus Christ. We believe that God is at work today
through the power of His Holy Spirit.


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Faith Assembly was founded in April 1980. We
began in a home in West Jefferson and quickly
moved to the American Legion Hall and met there
for 18 months. We rented a building in West
Jefferson and met there for the next five and a half
years. We purchased the property we now occupy
in August 1986. It has been renovated several
times since then as the church has grown. 

The church was born out of a calling the Lord put
on our hearts to pioneer a church in Madison
County and the vision of those who helped lay the
ground work. We have seen the church go through
many transitions and grow over the years. It is a
congregation that is continually seeking how to
reach and minister to those in our community. We
exist to serve.